Tips to Make Legit Money Online

Are there ways to make legit money online? The simple answer is 'YES'. While most people are still looking for these elusive online jobs, there are people that have found a great way to earn a living from home.

The following will make your search of that perfect online job both successful and rewarding:

My 5 tips to make legit money online:

5. Do some research. Do they have testimonials on their page? Are there success stories? If they can;t back up any of their claims, you should avoid them.

4. Don't be disappointed. I see people all day complaining about all the scams and guess what? They're the ones that give up and don't succeed. Look at everything as a learning experience and you'll continue to grow.

3. Sign up for a trial Most people are scared to spend a few bucks and look at it as 'wasted money'. Most products you purchase subscribe to, have a 'money back guarantee' or a 'free evaluation period'. This is a great way to get in and see if it's what you want.

2. Find Something you enjoy. If you don't find something you enjoy to pursue online then you likely aren't cut-out to work online.

1. Commit and follow thru! Most people sign up for free courses and don't want to spend any money. The simple truth is that nothing in life is free. Spend a few bucks on a program as the money will make you more committed to follow thru.

I know I looked for legit online employment for quite a while before I found something that works. I'm sure with enough drive and perseverance; you too can be your own boss!

3 Ways To Make Money Online The Easy Way

Just about everyday I get flooded with emails. Undoubtedly, everyday I get asked this EXACT lie! It happens everyday. Here's the question:

What's the easiest way to make money online?

That's why I wasn't surprised when I saw that at least 510 people each month search for information on how to make money online the easy way. Maybe that's how YOU found this article in the first place? ;-)

Anyway, you've come here looking for answers. And I guess it's time I pony up. So, here's the deal. You can make money online and it doesn't have to be "hard". And yes, it can even be easy...but it doesn't start out like that.

You've got to serve your time, or at least learn a few simple truths that will give you the advantage. Here's my quick 3 steps to get you making money in no time.

1) Find Your Passion

I don't believe ever got rich selling something they didn't really care about. Even if they did make a lot of money doing it, they didn't get rich. Being rich to me is making a lot of money WHILE doing what you love. So, don't just look for a hot market. Instead, dig deep and tap into something you're already passionate about. I believe in this strongly. As a matter of fact, I teach it to all my blogging students. You can't keep working on a business you don't care about, simple as that.

So, start right now by writing out your passions, hobbies, and interests. This is how you begin your own internet business.

2) Get A Blog Going...YESTERDAY

Blogs are awesome, incredible, great, fantastic, wonderful, and awe-inspiring. Also - they work. If you aren't blogging, you aren't living. You can have a free blog right now by visiting or Those aren't the types of blogs I do, but they sure are better than not doing anything. Once you've got your blog up, you need to start sharing your passion for your hobby. Just write something short and sweet. It's not rocket science.

3) Sell Affiliate Products And Use Ads To Make Cash

This is the funnest part. You don't even have to sell your own products. Fine someone who already has a product in the same vein of what your talking about. For example, if your site is about how to knit sweaters you could sell needles, yarn, and how to knit information (DVD's, Books, Ebooks, etc). Just do a search for Your Hobby + affiliate program.

This will get you zooming.

Of course, you've also got to get traffic! Once you have that the whole system basically runs itself.

What You Should Know Before Starting an Online Business

First, this article does not apply to those knowledgeable and well financed individuals starting a new internet venture. It is meant for the beginner, with little knowledge of online business

If you have spent even one hour on the internet, you have probably already read a dozen ads describing how you can make a fortune online. And, better yet, it's so quick and easy. All you need to do is throw up a web page, offer a produce for sale, add a few publisher ads and sit back while the money rolls in. The website even works while you sleep, stuffing your bank account with cash.

And all it costs you to get the e-book that will show you the way is $29.00. Wow! What a bargain, huh?

Well, here's the sad truth.

1. Yes, there are a lot of people making a lot of money on the internet. But, they are not doing it by reading that $29.00 e-book.
2. If you start an online business without spending a substantial amount of money, you will fail.
3. If you start an online business without spending a substantial amount of time on it, you will fail.
4. If you start an online business trying to do it all yourself...without some insider information (like you are reading now), you will fail.
5. If you think you are going to make any money on your new website in the next 3 months, dream on.


Of course, there are rare exceptions to the following, but if you are trying to make money online on a low budget, on your own, from your kitchen table, this applies to you.

1. It takes money to be successful online. You should probably plan on a minimum budget of $1,000.

2. You should plan on 6-10 hours a day for the first 1-3 months to get your site perfected and on line. You will be making a lot of revisions as you learn what works and what does not. After you start making money (perhaps I should say "IF") you can cut back to 2-6 hours a day. (All this assumes you are doing the work yourself)

3. It is essential that you learn from others that are already successful. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a mentor that has already been down this road, you will have to pay others for help and information. Which, presents a big problem. There are hundreds of people that will take your money in exchange for insider information. Unfortunately, 99% of them do not know any insider information. But they will still take your money. So you will probable have to do some trial and error and waste some money buying worthless, outdated information before you find something valuable.

4. One of the most important facts that people do not realize when starting up, is that it takes traffic to make money. A lot of traffic. Most people get wrapped up in creating a pretty web page and do not understand that it does not matter if you have the best looking site on the web if no one ever sees it.

And this it the biggest task, the biggest thorn in your side...TRAFFIC! There is no way to get substantial traffic, quickly, without paying for it. And, I don't mean five dollars a day. To get 500 visitors a day to your site, quickly, you will spend hundreds...a day! And you will never make any big money if you do not have hundreds of visitors a day.

The subject of traffic is a book in itself, so I will not elaborate more here.

I have just scratched the surface on the hazards of online business, but if you understand and accept the facts presented here you may avoid a lot of disappointment and loss of funds.

Having said this, a successful internet business can be very rewarding. I encourage you to give it a try, but use care, be informed and don't expect instant success.

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